What I Bought at the Store

Here’s what we bought at the grocery store in David’s hometown.  We felt the need to inject some money into the local economy.  And we wanted a snack.  So we bought some ice cream, and…

Yum.  What’s that?

It’s like a peanut butter cup but with marshmallow.  I know they have them around here but they’re not too common and I felt it met some deeply-seated need in my psyche at that particular moment in time.

We have one more picture.  I feel the need to apologize in advance for it.

This is what sometimes happens when you eat a Valomilk.

I bought one more item.

Fels-Naptha is possibly the most expensive part of my cheapo homemade laundry detergent.  It’s around three bucks a bar here in Charlotte.  In Bicknell it was one dollar.  So I bought two, which should last me through next summer.

I also thought about texting all my friends who also make the laundry soap and asking them if they wanted me to pick up a bar or two for them.  Sorry friends.  I didn’t feel like toting twenty bars home in my suitcase.

One thought on “What I Bought at the Store

  1. i was looking throgh your blog for a pic of maddie and found this post… i missed it somehow??? i guess you can be forgive for not toting 20 bars of soap home…. I will have to think about it and get back to you! =)


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