Goodbye, Taylors

Yesterday afternoon I finally sat down and watched the series finale of Friday Night Lights.  It has a been a while since a dramatic television show has hooked my interest like this one did.  I think the last one was Ed, a show about smalltown America that was on in the early 2000’s.  It, like FNL, was critically acclaimed but didn’t get the audience it needed for a long run.

At the center of FNL is the marriage of Eric and Tami Taylor, a marriage so believable that you might find yourself wondering if the actors are married in real life (they’re not).  There was one moment in the finale yesterday that summed it up well for me:  he is frustrated at their daughter and is blowing off steam about the situation.  As he storms out of the room, Tami shrugs her shoulders in confused frustration and says, “Well, I don’t know why you’re yelling at me….”  They’re just very real characters, and they serve as the bedrock of the series.

I am sad to see this series end and I hope it can serve as a model for future shows.  Here’s a good Relevant article about the end of the show (thanks, Erica).

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  1. lmngirls

    I just started watching FNL via netflix, and I'm at the end of season 2. Aside from the fact that Riggins is my boyfriend, I mainly watch because I LOVE the dynamic between Coach and his wife. They love each other, yet struggle with the mundane and difficult issues of daily life. I enjoy their characters so much, and I loved Ed too.


  2. Kelly

    I'm so glad we weren't the only ones watching Ed. I am still wishing it would come out on DVD but I think it's slowed down because of all the music that was in it.


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