An Evening at the Ball Park

One of the nights that we were in Indiana, we took in an Evansville Otters game at Bosse Field.  Bosse is one of the oldest ballparks in America — only Fenway and Wrigley are older.  It’s also where the movie A League of Their Own was shot…

…which means that the girls who work at the park wear these old-timey women’s baseball uniforms.  Cute.

I think that also means that this is the dugout where Tom Hanks did his “there’s no crying in baseball” diatribe.  (PG-13 for language)

It was quite hot so ice cream was an absolute necessity.

I played with my camera quite a bit.
David snagged a foul ball.
And we took in that favorite of minor league games, the in-between innings entertainment.  In this case, it was two kids sumo wrestling…
as well as one I hadn’t seen before, the “Prevent Colon Cancer — Pluck a Polyp” game.
I’m still having nightmares.

More info on Bosse Field is here.

3 thoughts on “An Evening at the Ball Park

  1. I don't know whether to laugh or what. That "pluck a polyp" game seems sort of bizarre, but hey, if it prevents colon cancer. Incidentally, I am reading this from my mom's hospital bedside. She played that game for real today. Surgery to remove a small portion of her colon that had a polyp.


  2. David's mom knows the doctor who sponsors the contest, and we agreed that it would be nice if getting rid of polyps were as easy as throwing balloons off a board. I'm sure your mom agrees. 🙂


  3. Thankfully, Mama's surgery was easier than the doc expected and she's resting well tonight. I'll have to show her this picture in the morning!


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