Craigslist: Helpful Resource or Endless Source of Amusement?

Today I posted something on the “Here, it’s free, just come and take it away” board on Charlotte’s craigslist.  It was a Tivo that my parents gave us and we never used.  I’ve tried to sell it on craigslist a number of times with no takers.
Come to think of it, if no one has it by the time you’re reading this and you’re local, you can have it, too.  As long as you behave better than these people below.
Here are some actual quotes from emails I received today.  Maybe it’s just me, but I find some of these HILARIOUS.  I enjoyed opening them all day long.
  1. Hi is it still avail. if so please call me  abrupt, to the point
  2. Whats tivo  whats wikipedia. or google.
  3. I would like to come get.  I would like to finish sentence.
  4. Good morning.  My name. Is felicia and I can pick up the listed item at your convenience.  Please. Email. Location.  Thank you. xxx-xxx-xxxx this is my cell. Number   Felicia dear, you flummoxed me with this one. I couldn’t read it silently what with all the creative capitalization and punctuation.  I had to read it out loud. I wish I could give you a prize.
  5. Do you still have it & when can I pick up?  see #1
  6. Are u sure you selling it ??….Cause am very interested in it ??  Well I was very conflicted until right now.  But now I sure I selling it, cause are very interested in it ..
  7. Love go have this   Pretty sure this guy just missed his “T.”  But that doesn’t make it OK that this was the entire content of his email.
  8. yes I would like it  I read this one out loud and my husband said, “In the ad, did you ask people if they would like it?!” as if it were my poor turn of phrase that resulted in this response.  NO.  NO I DID NOT ASK.
  9. Hi my name is Lynn.What is TIVO? I have know Idea but I am curious as to what it is call me please lol.  Lynn, you are my favorite.  So optimistic, wanting to take a free item and having no idea what it is.  So naive, thinking I would take the time from a busy Saturday to call you and explain what a Tivo is. lol

I’m thinking about posting a dummy ad every Saturday morning just to liven up the weekend.

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