Clueless Girl’s Guide to Making Yogurt

Two weeks ago I made my own yogurt for the first time.  I used the Crockpot Lady’s guide.  I understand that there are faster ways to do it using a pot and a stove, but I really enjoy this method because you don’t have to pay a whole lot of attention.  It’s as easy as turning on your crock pot, turning it off, and then some simple mixing.

You get extra points if you use raw milk, did you know?  My friend Jennie orders and delivers this good stuff to me every couple of weeks.  I can’t afford to have my kids drink it all the time, but I figure some is better than none, right?  The yogurt recipe uses a half gallon.

Here’s the yogurt I used.  It should be plain.  It doesn’t have to be organic OR Greek.  You can buy a little container because you only use a half cup.

Here is my crock pot during the process.  If you have a curious husband or children about, it helps to make threatening signs about opening the crock pot.  Andrew especially liked the one that said, “Mom will freak out if you open this.”

The last step, after you add the yogurt, is wrapping up your crock pot so it stays warm overnight.  I wish I had a picture for you of this sight: a strange-looking mass of towel and blanket mounded on the counter.  It’s pretty funny.

And that’s it!  The yogurt is a little runnier than storebought, but you can either add gelatin or powdered milk to combat that, or you can simply strain off some of the whey using coffee filters or cheesecloth.

The price of this yogurt — organic, raw milk yogurt — was less than four dollars for a yield of two quarts and then some.  If I were a good blogger I would have the price comparison here for you, but take my word for it that you can’t buy it that cheap.

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  1. Beth

    Kelly, Here is Erin's price comparison on making yogurt from raw whole milk from here "If the $6 price tag takes your breath away, join the club. However, this milk is not for drinking (primarily, anyway). When I use it to make yogurt, I make 1/2 gallon at a time. My cost for 1/2 gallon of yogurt: $3 + $0.50 or so for the 1/2 cup of starter (if I buy it, less if I save it from the last batch). Cost for the equivalent amount of Stoneyfield Farm organic cream-top yogurt: $7.18 at my grocery store. Cost for the cheap, non-fat Aldi brand: $3.18. So I'm making organic cream-top yogurt from local, grass-fed cows for the same price as cheap Aldi yogurt. Not bad, in my opinion!"


  2. Erin

    This was my "gateway" yogurt making method. 🙂 I've since moved on to doing it on the stove because I think it gives me a better end product. Also, even though putting milk in the crock pot is so easy, I always seem to forget about it until too late in the day. =P Quick tip on incubating though: if you pour your lukewarm milk/yogurt mixture into a couple of mason jars and incubate them in the oven with the light on instead of wrapping the crock pot in towels, I find it works better. That way you can put the jars right in the fridge without stirring the yogurt while it's warm, which makes it runnier. Enjoy your yogurt making!


  3. Shelley@OurStoryinProgress.blogspot

    We do this too! I had not thought of putting threatening signs on the crockpot but that would have made for some fun. After several sessions, my Ben has declared it almost as good as store bought yogurt. LOL


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