Sorry for my absence these last weeks.  This is why I have doubts about my ability to be a “professional” blogger…I like the freedom to just disappear for a couple weeks and not feel guilty about it.

Anyway, we had VBS and my mom came to visit.  We celebrated quite a few milestones in the last few weeks.

One little girl turned three…

 Here is the birthday girl in the middle of her two buddies, Alexa (l) and Elisabetta (r).

 Last weekend David and I celebrated our twelfth wedding anniversary with a dinner cruise on Lake Norman.

Yesterday we started school.  It’s my fifth year officially homeschooling.
More to come…

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  1. you can get your phone pics to your computer by emailing it to yourself. you send a pic message and instead of putting in a number, put in your email address:) love all the milestones- the little girls are precious!


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