Fantasy vs. Reality

The fantasy: 

Every homeschool teacher has her ideal planning environment.  For some, it is a quiet house with the children off at friends’ homes.  The computer is free for the access and the printer is nearby.  It’s a chance to reorganize the bookshelves, sort through unnecessary stuff, and feel settled and established.

For others, it is a day at a favorite local coffee spot with books, planners, and a laptop spread out on a big table, basking in the sunshine streaming through a window and Patty Griffin crooning in the background.

Last week, I was able to have a day like the first scenario given.  A friend took my kids for the day even though she has four of her own, and I was able to plow through a good amount of work for the year ahead.

But I still needed to spend time with my books and my planner.  Was I able to live my dream?  Did I spend the day at Amelie’s in that sunny spot?

Well, not quite.

The reality:

“Oh, look!  This shirt has a hood on it.”

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