I think I have mentioned before Nancy Wilson’s helpful chapter in the book The Fruit of Her Hands entitled “Principles and Methods.”

Her daughter today spelled it out again over at Femina:  On Women, Divisiveness, and Hobby Horses.

Now here is the thing. Principles are the things that God lays out for us. Love your children. Serve the Lord. Bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Children are a blessing. Be fruitful. Methods are the tools we use to try to accomplish these things.

Methods vary, even when the people involved are all following God. Do not get caught up in method camps and chisel away at the number of saints you can fellowship with every time you read a new article about that thing that has become the most important thing. Do not build for yourself an arsenal of inflammatory topics. Do not be quick to fire off heated comments.

PS  This wisdom also applies to school choices.  🙂

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