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Happy Reformation Day, or as some people call it “Reforween.”  We’ll be celebrating by doing some traditional Reformation activities (reading this book and watching a bit of “Luther”), and getting ready for our little open house tonight (here’s what we try to accomplish on Halloween).  I made hermits last night and prepared a bunch of pie crusts.  As soon as I get up from the computer, I’ll be popping the first apple pie of autumn in the oven.  We have some church friends coming over tonight and we plan to have a fire and show “The Great Pumpkin” for the kids.

October in general has been very, very busy.  I know I sound like a broken record saying that by now.  Here are some of the things we’ve been thankful for over the last few weeks.

162. Our pastor’s sermon series through Romans…we reached chapter 8 yesterday!

photo from Michelle Leader, on my left

163. a weekend retreat in the mountains with the ladies at church…and four babies this year 🙂

164.  babies!  Ella, Haddon, Oliver, Adelai, and the newest addition to the team, Jobey Jr.  After so many years of being the pregnant/nursing one, it has been a joy for me to help out the moms this year.  And my kids are LOVING all the babies!

165.  a visit from my faraway friend Michelle and her family!  Mike, Michelle and the kids are traveling across the country in an RV for a year (or possibly more!) and we’re so glad they made Charlotte a stop on their grand tour.  Above are all the kids:  Tullie, Ben, Jonathan, Cameron (holding Boston), Andrew, Maddie, Ellison, and Josiah.
166.  soup
167.  autumn weather, autumn colors
168.  continued employment for my husband.  Though his job is demanding at times, I am grateful that we have consistent income and employers who appreciate his gifts.
169. the Valley of Vision
170.  Wendell Berry.  On the retreat, I finally cracked open Hannah Coulter.  I’d been saving it until I finished a bunch of other stuff.  It’s as wonderful as everyone says.  🙂
171.  Older women who show grace under trial
172.  flannel sheets
173.  fall gardens.  I think I prefer spring and fall crops to summer ones.  Crazy, I know.
174.  sewing!  I got to spend a good amount of time sewing this month, working on the kids’ costumes for tonight.  I like to sew whilst streaming Project Runway.  It makes me work a little faster.

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  1. Amber Benton

    We did our costumes in Brevard this weekend (pictures on my blog – the boys had a DTO (do-their-own) session this year. Today is unpacking. Tonight we will light our pumpkins carved at our annual BYOP party remembering the scripture we read at their first lighting, watch The Great Pumpkin in between greeting our neighbors at our door. If it's not too cold maybe we can project it on the garage door – wouldn't that be fun?! So many people keep their houses all closed up now…we like to try and show a friendly face and each year try and get to know someone new…


  2. Kelly

    Yes, exactly, Amber 🙂 We have a TV and couch in our garage now (it's the boys' "man cave"), so we'll be inviting kids up there. Enjoy it!


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