Romantic Comedies for Cynics

This past weekend David was away with one of the boys for a scout camping trip.  While the rest of us carried on here at home, one of my guys went down with a virus, which means we were cooped up for most of the weekend.

So naturally, after the kids were in bed, I used the opportunity to catch up on a few of the romantic comedies on Netflix that I hadn’t seen.  But I’m sort of alarmed at my level of cynicism as regards the genre now…have I outgrown RomComs?

Example One:  Never Been Kissed.  Drew Barrymore plays a plucky young reporter who goes undercover as a seventeen year old student at a local high school.  She falls for her English teacher (naturally, because English teachers are awesome and can do things like discuss Shakespeare).  He also falls for her, and I think the audience is supposed to sense romantic tension.  I guess this is OK because the audience knows that she’s really 25?

I can’t say for sure, because all I could think was “PEDOPHILE!  WHAT IF SHE REALLY WAS 17?!  WARNING!  WARNING!  BADBADBAD CREEPYCREEPYCREEPY”.  Yes, the final scene was cute and I got a little warm fuzzy feeling when he dashed down onto the baseball field to kiss her on the pitcher’s mound.  Still…the previous weirdness pretty much spoiled it for me.  Blech.

Example Two:  The Accidental Husband.  Here I’ll just post the remnants of my gChat with my sister as the movie was wrapping up:

me: wow, this movie just gets worse and worse
her: haahah
me: no woman would break up with Colin Firth on the wedding day after she’s all dressed and he’s standing there in a tuxedo*
her:  this is true
me:  oh, and look…he’s doing the stand up thing and saying he’ll break up with her because he knows she’s in love with the other guy
her:  of course he is
me:  who is a secondary actor from Grey’s Anatomy**
her:  maybe they’ll leave and get on a bus
me:  duuuuhhhh
her:  like in The Graduate
me:  nope, but close.  she started a fire in the church because the other guy is a firefighter
her:  THERE you go! of course!

*I’m pretty sure you could prove this scientifically.
** who is admittedly quite handsome but is not Mr. Darcy.

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