Crazy Home Remedies For the Win

Back in the dark ages of this blog, I wrote about using Vicks’ vaporub on kids’ feet to cure a cough.  Yesterday I happened to be at our pediatrician and he brought up this bizarre home remedy and asked me if I’d tried it.  I asked him why it works, and he replied that he’s heard a hundred explanations and doesn’t believe any of them.  He still suggests it for nighttime coughing, though.

We recently had another victory for crazy home remedies.  Within the past year or two, Cameron broke out all over his hands with warts, and both David and I wanted to avoid the embarrassment that we both suffered as teenagers.  I had over thirty warts on my hands when I was in high school.  David’s affliction was not nearly that bad, but really who cares.  They’re gross.

After a few costly visits to the dermatologist, Cam had no fewer warts, and the ones he had were getting bigger and more stubborn.  He had one on his palm the size of a penny.  Having recently taken up the piano, he was humiliated each time he put his hands out in plain view of others.  So we started looking for alternatives.

On the same website where I found that Vicks’ remedy, I found the suggestion of using duct tape as a cure for hand and foot warts.  It had to be conventional Duck brand, silver duct tape (no leopard print or camo allowed, sorry).  Being the frugal people that we are, we decided that six bucks on a roll of duct tape would be a better option than another failed dermatologist visit.  What did we have to lose?

Within two months, most of the warts were gone.  The last one hung on a bit longer but eventually it went away as well.  Cameron was so relieved; there was a marked change in his personality.

And we still have most of a roll of duct tape left.  It fixes everything!

4 thoughts on “Crazy Home Remedies For the Win

  1. Oh wow! Did you leave the tape on his hands constantly until they went away? And I'm definitely going to try the Vicks….you think it works with adults too?


  2. Dylan ( my oldest) has 5 warts on the bottom of one foot. I haven't tried the duct tape yet but another friend( who's a nurse) told me to try it. I guess I have to now.


  3. Yep, Luke told me about that remedy awhile back, I think his dad told him at some point. Crazy what will actually work sometimes!


  4. @Dana, yes. We left it on all day, sometimes for two days. Then just put a fresh piece on. Sometimes David would file down the stuff on top as they got smaller.


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