Over the Holidays…

We puzzled…

The advanced group (David and his parents) in the back, intermediate up front
and grinned.
My pretty sister-in-law and newest nephew, Xavier
We trimmed…
I love Maddie in this picture

Maddie admiring her ornament from Gramma

one of my favorites
 and decorated.
My mom helps the kids make gingerbread houses every Christmas.

We wrapped….
This is what happens when you hand wrapping paper, scissors, and tape to a six year old and tell him to wrap something.  In case you were wondering.
 and kept secrets.
We baked…
Jonathan mixing up the puppy chow.
and ate. 
We smiled our best…

 and then didn’t.
 And everyone got something they wanted.

Thank you Grandma K for my polar bear, who is now named Jaime.
We shocked Ben by getting an Xbox, which he has been requesting for over a year.

How were your holidays?

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