Nerds on Parade

Last weekend my husband and I had a date. It was quite possibly the nerdiest date in history. Or maybe just in our own personal history.

First, we started off with a dinner at Chipotle. It was my first time there. Eating at Chipotle is not nerdy, unless you count the clean conscience you get when you know that the company designed its menu to allow for sustainable farming practices and clean food. 
So, maybe a little nerdy. But also yummy.

Let’s start with the fact that this portion of the date began a few months ago when I heard an ad for ticket sales on National Public Radio.

So, there’s that.

Follow this with the fact that the tickets were to a WORDPLAY game show.


Words. Wit. Whimsy.

We’ve been listening to “Says You” since the dark ages of our marriage. It originally taped in Boston year-round, and it was the show that followed A Prairie Home Companion on our NPR station when we lived outside of Boston.

Longtime readers will remember me lamenting the loss of Says You a few years ago. But since then, Charlotte’s WFAE started airing the show on Saturday afternoons, which everyone knows are my favorite times to listen to NPR.

So there we were Saturday night, seeing the panel LIVE! And IN PERSON!

My favorite quiz within the game is a segment called “Definitions and Derivations,” where the panelists have to define an idiom and theorize on the origins of it. You may know what “beating around the bush” means, but do you know from whence the phrase comes?

(Please note my use of “from whence” in this nerdy, wordy post. Go me.)

We sat amongst the NPR faithful, including Guy Who Hadn’t Showered in a While, Man in Black Turtleneck With Navy Sportsjacket, and Woman With Shock of White Hair With Hemp Accessories and Organic Fabric Scarf.

The musical segments were provided by The Farewell Drifters, who were GREAT. We’re considering going to see them at the Evening Muse next week.  They played “The Only Living Boy in New York,” amongst other, original songs.  The fact that they did justice to a Simon and Garfunkel piece placed me firmly in their corner.

The producers taped two shows, which will air sometime at the end of January or beginning of February.  Maybe if you listen, you’ll hear us clap!  That is, if you can stand the wordy nerdiness.

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  1. ASwanson

    Was geeked out when I saw you were going. My heart didn't break to find out I was missing an opportunity to attend a recording (I was at that moment enjoying the Saints vs. Lions), but given the choice ahead of time, I would have been word-nerdin' it up with those weirdos who like NPR. 🙂 On a completely different note, have you ever heard of a parody called FPR? A certain pastor's boys used to put them together when they were younger. What I wouldn't give to here an episode of "Some Things Considered!"


  2. ASwanson

    I got the tip to check out the Drifters via Under the Radar (I think you're familiar). FD has a song available for download on NoiseTrade, which I've aquired, and I think I just got an email invitation to officially sign up for their e-newsletter, which promises more downloads of the free variety. So I'll definitely be giving them some ear time!


  3. ASwanson

    Also, it's embarrassing to call myself a word-nerd and then proceed to use "here" when I meant to use "hear." That's one of those homophones that still trips me up from time to time!


  4. lmngirls

    What does it say about me that I love reading your nerdy blog entries? Perhaps, there's a bit of a nerd lurking within me as well….. and I am married to a man that insists on listening to NPR. Eeek, what's next? I'd better go watch some trashy reality shows before all you smart people start rubbing off on me.


  5. i'm stefanie.

    I am not ashamed to admit I love that NPR show. One time the show came on while I was in the car with Ben. I promptly turned up the volume and said "ooh ooh I love this one!"Ben rolled his eyes.


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