One Thousand Gifts 1.16.12

188. husband up early, reading

189. Maddie got herself dressed head-to-toe for the first time this week. So far she is demonstrating good understanding of the importance of matching your clothes.
190. Bible arcing Colossians
191. Ben constantly playing around on the piano
192. our small group
193. women who speak honestly and give me their advice
194. snow for my New England friends and family. They waited so long for it that the feedback was positive and not complaining.
195. another marital discord weekend survived, with greater insight into our hearts (more on this later)
196. laughing ’til I cried over a silly book my husband bought me
197. a new library card for Jonathan

3 Responses to “One Thousand Gifts 1.16.12”

  1. Sylvia R

    Of course I had to go see what "Marital Discord Weekend" was, and of course got lots of chuckles. Thanks for the fun on a Monday morning!


  2. Rebecca

    Oh yes, it is WONDERFUL when they can dress themselves! LOL! I am going to check out your "Marital Discord Weekend"…..


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