One Thousand Gifts 1.23.12

198.  kids laughing at me always making the same mistake on our Bible memory work
199.  Ben starting his piano practices with the hardest song first
200.  another birthday
201.  returning to our co-op, rested and ready for another semester
202.  mapping with the older boys.  I love when I can slow down and really relish school with them.
203.  field trips
204.  putting names and faces with our local fire station
205.  reading boys

3 Responses to “One Thousand Gifts 1.23.12”

  1. Rebecca (socks-for-mum)

    I used to love those days when I really relished school, too! Having gone all the way through each grade twice we are now done and my girls are long grown – I so miss those days. Enjoy and treasure your time with those sweet boys! Thanks for your list today!


  2. Anonymous

    Our family (Childes) has gotten into this series. One of my daughters has watched through the end of this season somehow on computer. We really like the stories and history, but It is so depressing! We need a little Jane Austen ending somewhere!


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