Opening Pandora’s Roach Box

Last week I innocently posted on facebook the following update:

“Just called a CVS store to ask them to save me boxes. She said that (A) they have none; and (B) do NOT get them from the grocery store because “you’ll end up with roaches.” Should I believe her on either count?”

I anticipated a few replies, maybe 5-10.  THIRTY-EIGHT comments later, I had the following information.

The thought of roaches at the place where we get our food is gross.
This is shocking, new information to some.
However, that means that the grocery store DOES have boxes.
Seems like roaches in a box would be obvious.
Maybe the clerk was blowing you off.
Paper shops have nice boxes.
***veiled comment about somebody who might know something about roaches in boxes***
Many grocery stores do not have roaches.
Grocery store boxes are often cut in inconvenient ways; liquor store boxes are good.
Liquor store boxes are sturdy.
Roaches lay eggs in the glue of boxes.
Liquor stores have sturdy boxes.
Liquor stores have sturdy boxes.
Maybe CVS gets their stuff delivered by storks since they don’t have boxes.
CVS uses reusable totes to get their stuff delivered.
Reusable totes are a better option than storks.
Furniture stores have huge boxes, but maybe they’re not good for packing in.
Liquor stores have good boxes.
***racial stereotype made by person of said race so it’s OK, maybe the clerk was Mexican***
Home improvement stores sell moving boxes inexpensively.
Craigslist has boxes.
Craigslist has boxes.
Walmart has boxes if you go at midnight.  (we all know what happens when Kelly goes to Walmart late at night)
Bookstores have boxes.
The pharmacy at CVS has boxes.
***person from earlier veiled comment emerges from anonymity and says yes, it is possible to get roaches from the glue in boxes ***
Hobby Lobby has boxes.
Some grocery stores are just gross enough to have roaches.
Maybe it’s just the ones from the produce department.
Maybe it’s just the ones from the produce department.
School cafeterias have boxes.
I should write a book called Where to Get Boxes for Your Next Move, and Some Problems Associated with Each Option.

See? I don’t even need to write this blog. My funny friends can do it for me. Nicely done, everyone. That made for an entertaining day.

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