Maddie is not quite three and a half, but she is tall for her age.  By summer she will probably be in girls’ size 6 clothing.  But in her mind, she is still quite little.

Scene:  Morning, time for school to begin.
Mom:  OK everybody, let’s get in there for school.
Boys:  (collective groan)
Maddie:  Mom, I don’t wanna do school.  I’m toooo tiiiiinnnnyyyyy.

Scene:  Lunchtime at co-op.  Maddie is playing in the Cozy Coupe near the lunch tables.
Mom:  Maddie, it’s time for you to go to your class now!
Maddie begins trying to get out of the Cozy Coupe and finds that her long legs are difficult to maneuver out of the car.
Mom:  Looks like you’re getting too big for this car!
Maddie:  Mom!  I am not BIG!  I am TIIINNNNYYYYY!

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