One Thousand Gifts 2.5.12

Wow, what a week.  We had so many BIG things happen, and I feel so humbled by the grace to wake up every morning and carry on through my tasks, big and small.  School is now at a minimum level since we are packing up with great fervor and trying to spend some time at the new place getting some painting done.  I am not as “come-what-may” as other homeschooling mothers, so I always have a hard time putting school to the side and believing that we’ll catch up later.  But sometimes it is necessary.  And in this case, we have had a couple of afternoons already of playing in the leaves and running around in the fresh air in our OWN backyard — imagine that!  So God has supplied the grace to just roll with it and enjoy this time.  Thankful.

213.  a smooth closing on our new place
214.  talking with the former lady of our house, appreciating all the work she’s put into the yard.  She is a grade-A gardener, and I am the blessed recipient of twenty-five years of her efforts.
215.  friends who say, “let me know if you need help,” and REALLY MEAN IT.  So rare and wonderful!
216.  a much-needed night out of the house with Laura on Friday, attending the NoDa All Arts Market.  Catching up with Dana a bit and buying a new necklace from her shop.  And I’m thankful that the fork ring I got stuck on my finger when I was trying it on…finally came off.  Sometimes I wonder if I should be allowed out of the house.
217.  answered prayer in a church meeting — honesty & openness
218.  our homeschool co-op.  I love the moms I’ve met there this year.
219.  the pinewood derby! Such a fun night, win or lose.

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