Shelf Paper Anxiety


As I said earlier in the week, we are moving soon.  Right now, right at this moment, my future kitchen is empty. All the cabinets, shelves, and drawers (there are a lot of drawers!) are open and waiting to be filled.

It’s a wonderful thought.  But I have a nagging issue called “Shelf Paper Anxiety.”

Shelf Paper Anxiety is an inherited condition, since my mother always, always had shelf paper in her kitchen.  I have not been so diligent with the shelf paper application.  But I have this lingering guilt about it, like I should really, really have shelf paper and people are judging me when they open my cabinets and see that they are un-shelf-papered.

It’s not that I dislike shelf paper, it’s just that in a relatively new kitchen, I don’t see the point of shelling out all the money required to cover shelves that can be wiped down effectively anyway.

So here’s where you can help.  Please answer the following survey.  This is HARD-HITTING, VERY IMPORTANT STUFF, people.

<a href=””>What are your feelings about shelf paper?</a> The poll will close just before midnight on the night before we move, so that I have ample time to frantically run to Target the morning of the move and buy yards of shelf paper. Or not.

7 Responses to “Shelf Paper Anxiety”

  1. Jessica

    I would like to enter a write in vote for: Skip shelf paper, get the non adhesive easy liners with the shock absorbent grippe textured surface instead. But I can see how that would have been impractical to include in the poll. Or at least exceedingly verbose. Congrats on having new shelves to line!


  2. imwendym

    I agree with Jessica. I have no shelf paper, sometimes think I should… However, I did recently go out and buy some thicker non-adhesive drawer and shelf liner for the lower cabinets and drawers. My uppers have nothing. Non adhesive stuff can get pretty expensive. Boo.


  3. nicole

    I've never been a fan of shelf paper…until we moved into our current house. And maybe fan is not the right word. It was necessary in this house since the cabinets are 80 years old and pretty gross. But it's the first time I've ever used it. Before now, I just put my dishes in an unlined cabinet not giving a second thought to what anyone thought, much like the way I live the rest of my life…hmmmm… šŸ˜‰


  4. Laura and Andy

    I have never used it, nor did my mom ever use it growing up (that i know of). In Nicole's case, I could see where it would be nice, but otherwise I view shelf paper like i view taping trim before you paint- unnecessary.


  5. Scotty and Lisa

    I always think of shelf paper eventually getting yellowed and peeling up at the edges. Maybe this is an old-school idea, as it is stuck in my mind from childhood. However, I tend to be on the less (or not at all) concerned side of the argument and agree with some form of non-stick if you feel you need a barrier between the shelf and your dishes. However, I imagine it might actually be easier to clean a smooth, uncovered surface than something non-stick that might have nooks and crannies to catch dust and yuck. I think you have to eventually go with what makes you the happiest- it is your kitchen.


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