One Thousand Gifts 3.5.12

I’m back — maybe for good this time.  Unpacking has gotten to a manageable level around here and I actually went for a walk this morning as the sun came up.  It’s nice to be returning to some state of normalcy.

If you look carefully in the picture to the right, you’ll see a little puffed-up bird.  It’s a titmouse who visited us for several days whilst throwing his body against the glass.  I think he was fighting with himself.  Recently, he has moved on and no longer comes to call.

Look behind him!  That’s our backyard.  It’s so wooded and lovely.  The new place is great, and I can’t wait to share more with you all.

234.  dinner on the deck with friends after a 77-degree day last Thursday (March 1st!)
235.  tearful spiritual conversations with our kids
236.  catching up with my Italy friend
237.  co-op friends, for me and the kids
238.  a levelheaded husband who manages things when I reach a frustration point with “I CAN’T FIND ANYTHING AND NOTHING IS WHERE IT BELONGS!”
239.  daffodils everywhere
240.  Romans 8
241.  Romans 9
242.  my first baking excursion in my new kitchen.  It felt good to be back at work.

One thought on “One Thousand Gifts 3.5.12

  1. We have moved eight times in 22 years of marriage. I so get where you are right now. And the fact that you even did this post among the boxes calling out to you, that says a lot. Lovely wooded back yard. It reminds me of a place we lived in California once.


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