Sweetness and Light

As you all know, I’m a sports fan and I love good sports writing.  David and I were pleased to be present at the Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony when Peter Gammons, longtime Red Sox writer, was honored.  Rick Reilly is also a favorite of us both.

One of my favorite sportswriters is Frank Deford, who is an NPR contributor.  His opinion pieces each week are called “Sweetness and Light,” and one recent story had me all choked up.  I know you’ll enjoy it, too.


Yes, he was a captain, but it was, you see, the first start of his college career. Cory had played a few minutes on the varsity as a freshman, never even scoring. But then, after that season, although he was only 18 years old, he suffered a major stroke. He was unable to walk for two weeks. His whole left side was paralyzed. He lost his memory, had seizures.

Read or listen to the whole thing at When There’s More to Winning Than Winning.

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