Classic Folk Music for Kids

People who hold house concerts in their living rooms probably qualify as folk music lovers, don’t you think?  We’ve tried to pass down this love to our children by dragging them along with us to every music event we can afford.

Also, we have a couple favorite CDs by some great folk singers of the 1960s and 70s that our kids really love. You might want to check them out.
One is Peter, Paul, and Mary’s Peter, Paul and Mommy album.  I grew up on this album and have fond memories of singing along with it in the backseat of my mom’s Ford Fairmont.  A couple years ago mom bought it for my kids, and I think I bought it for my sister’s kids after that.
It includes some traditional English folk songs, too, like “Leatherwing Bat.”  But far and away, our favorite to sing along with is “The Marvelous Toy”:

The other, more recent, favorite CD is The Johnny Cash Children’s Album.  Mom got this for Jonathan for Christmas because of his obsession with At Folsom Prison.

Can you guess which one of our kids likes this song the best?

They also love “Nasty Dan.”

(the CD version does not have Oscar the Grouch’s commentary, thank goodness)

To be completely truthful, I find most kid’s music annoying.  This is far more pleasant.

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