One Thousand Gifts 3.12.12

243. more progress on the house.  We were able to host our first small group meeting here on Wednesday night.  Despite a few hiccups — like missing chairs! — we made it through nicely.
244. safe travel for my husband to the Far East.  16 hours on a flight…I don’t envy him that!  FaceTime has been keeping us in touch.
245. more progress on next year’s homeschool co-op.  It’s so nice to see things start to solidify.
246. spring!  Pear trees, daffodils, forsythia all in bloom.
247. a chance to do more wedding flowers…I love these opportunities.  Thankful for my mom for employing me all those years so some of her skills could rub off on me.
248. sweet quiet afternoon chatting with a friend.  It seems like the Sunday after the time change is always a chance to talk long in the sun.  I have a lot of treasured memories of that day on the calendar.  Yesterday will be another.

hydrangeas, alstromeria, and waxflowers
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