The Gospel Made Visible

Our women’s Bible Study is finishing up Ed Welch’s book When People Are Big and God is Small over the next month.  This past Tuesday we discussed the chapters about loving your enemies and loving your neighbors, and loving your brothers and sisters.

As we talked, we acknowledged that people can move back and forth in those categories pretty regularly, depending on the state of our relationship with them.  Regardless, as Christians we are called to love and serve them all, not for our betterment, but for the glory of God.

We also talked about the tendency to lump together “the church” as a whole and write it off — to be hurt by a particular person (or people) in the church and then attribute it to the church as a whole, saying “I’ve been hurt by the church too many times.”  I referenced the sermon below as a picture of what the church should be instead — a compelling place where diverse people are united by a common faith and love for their Savior, Jesus Christ.

It’s an hour long, but it’s worth your time.

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