In Which I Scold Patriots Fans Whining About Tebow Becoming a Jet

THAT is an appealing title, isn’t it?!  Did you show up here just for the tongue-lashing?  Good for you.


Yesterday around one o’clock Eastern time, it was announced that Tim Tebow, beloved sports star to evangelical Christians everywhere, was leaving Denver for the New York Jets.  About the same time, a huge whine went up from New England.

Here’s why:  New England sports fans love to hate New York teams, and right behind the despised Yankees are the Jets.  J-E-T-S- mess, mess, mess.

But what a terrible conflict of interest for Tebow-lovers in New England!  Whatever can they do?!  Surely they cannot root for Tebow when he wears the hated green and white!

Well, actually, they can.  And they should.  Here’s why.

Our loyalties as sports fans should be dwarfed by our loyalties to Jesus.

Is she saying rooting for Tebow = rooting for Jesus?

Oh my no.  I hope you know me better than that by now.  Here’s what I am saying.

As Christians watching a sporting event we should rejoice at praiseworthy behavior regardless of where it occurs — whether it’s on our side of the line of scrimmage or theirs.  I’ve already talked about Tebow and what I like about him.  It’s not the grand gestures of “Tebowing,” it’s more for his attitude towards other players and his humility.  I appreciated the same thing in David Robinson when he was playing.  I find it admirable in Tony Dungy.  None of these men play for “my team,” but who cares?  God is being glorified in their behavior.  That has very little to do with field performance.

By the way, basketball fans, this applies to Duke and Carolina, too.

4 thoughts on “In Which I Scold Patriots Fans Whining About Tebow Becoming a Jet

  1. Good points, Kelly! When I look at sports from that perspective, I may actually be able to enjoy it now! Thanks, for poiting out a new angle!


  2. So that means that since Duke's mascot is a blue devil and since the devil is definitely against God, then we should never have cause to root for Duke. I mean just putting on that jersey is a slap in God's face, right? :PIn case you are wondering, I am joking… mostly.


  3. There is an interesting trend of school that started out as seminaries and adopted devils as their mascots. Also, Wake Forest used to be just "the Deacons" and somewhere that was changed to "Demon Deacons."


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