Possum in the Pool

If you follow my twitter stream, you might have seen an ALL CAPS message a few weeks back about a “DEAD ANIMAL IN THE POOL!”

I was upstairs and the children came running inside yelling about a possum in the pool.  I felt certain that their home education had failed them and that they really meant a mole was in the pool.  Unfortunately, they were right about it being a possum.  I let out a little shriek when I discovered this fact.

How a Nature-y, Charlotte Mason-y, Calm, Expert Mother Would Have Handled It:
“Look, children, a possum!  Remember, possums are mammals, which means they cannot breathe under water.  Obviously this poor creature wandered into our pool in the dark, and eventually its lungs filled with water and it was unable to survive.  How sad.  Let’s pull it out, draw it in our nature study notebooks, and then give it a proper burial.”

What I Did:
(don’t miss the part where I scream and say, “IT’S SOOOOOO YUCKY!”)
(also, apologies for the cinematography)

Then we tied it up in a trash bag — more correctly, I tied it up in a trash bag since you can see how much assistance I was getting from everyone else — dialed 311, and two hours later a truck from the city of Charlotte came and took our disgusting hairy friend away.

The End.

4 thoughts on “Possum in the Pool

  1. i have so many things to say in response to this video:good job cam on the comentary and keeping your siblings engaged!cam- it is not small!!!! its a posum- its big and gross!so many times i thought- oh gosh cam, please dont drop the camera in the pool #toocloseforcomfortkelly- its not going to come back to life? YES IT WILL!!!! that is my fear (i know it isnt true) and why I dont like to pick u dead things (even the spiders in my house) because I have this vision of it jump out of the tissue and onto my arm! #sillyiknowgood memories at the new house! =)


  2. I love Cameron's commentary and how he tries to order everyone around and no one listens. hahahaAlso, it should be noted that Maddie was probably the bravest one of all…she came closest and said, "I WANNA SEE IT!"


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