Pictures From the Week

(left) Easter green M&M.  (right) Kelly’s toenail.  Not to be confused.
Here’s the free book stack.  We got two of these because we were both registered.  We also have a large *paid* book stack.

The “Zero Dollar Bookstore” is how T4G handed out the freebies.  You went in, got a couple empty bags, and went from station to station getting one of each.

Here’s the building where we stayed.  Our place was on the 8th floor of the Henry Clay building.

Each morning we had a four block walk to our destination.  I liked the trashcans that said “Downtown Louisville.”

I love the name “Augustus Toplady.”
Here’s a shot of us outside the arena.  We had no idea that we were posed so that it looks like David’s saying “Yum!”.  That was a funny surprise later.

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