Overheard: (a twofer)

Scene:  Afternoon, children are playing in the front yard.  Maddie comes in crying and yelling; hot on her heels is Jonathan.

Jonathan, sweetly:  I’m sorry, Maddie!  I’ll throw it to you!  Come on, let’s go play catch!
Maddie, headed back outside:  BUT I DON’T WANT TO PLAY CATCH WHHHAAAAHHHH!!!

(Oh, three.  Some days you rear your ugly head more than others.)

Scene:  Wednesday evening.  Mom has done most of the prep work for small group on her own, but just like every other Wednesday, she puts on loud music and calls the kids to help her for the last half hour.  Family is jamming to CCR and buzzing around, making sure things are ready.

Mom:  Wow!  You guys are getting so good at preparing for FLOCK, I think you could do it without me!
Ben:  And I think you’re crazy!

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