Me and Dwight Schrute

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“Why tip someone for a job I’m capable of doing myself? I can deliver food. I can drive a taxi. I can, and do, cut my own hair. I did however, tip my urologist, because I am unable to pulverize my own kidney stones.” 
– Dwight Schrute, The Office
If I were able to pulverize my own kidney stones, I would be doing just that right now instead of talking to you.
4 AM Saturday morning found me writhing in pain and it found David groggily wondering why his wife was suddenly hyperventilating in bed next to him. A visit to the ER confirmed that I was in the throes of my second experience with kidney stones. 
What have we learned from this experience?
  1. Emergency room doctors are really good about taking your word for it if you’ve had kidney stones before. Doing labor breathing and rocking back and forth in your chair goes a long way to convince them of your immediate need for morphine.
  2. Morphine makes all the terrible awful pain go away. But it makes me a little nauseous. But the pain was making me nauseous, too, so pass the morphine, please.
  3. Thanks to my friend who had extreme morning sickness this past year, I was quite familiar with the names of the anti-nausea drugs they gave me: Zofran and Phenergan. I felt so smart. Thanks, Becca!
Tomorrow I will tell you all about my first encounter with kidney stones and why stones always remind me of Ronald Reagan.

3 Responses to “Me and Dwight Schrute”

  1. Beth

    Hope you're feeling better. When Coty had kidney stones in Cameroon, I thought his pain seemed a lot worse than anything I'd ever gone through in labor. Morphine was definitely his friend!


  2. Susan

    Kelly,I have suffered with kidney stones for 18+ years. When Katy was 5 I had surgery to remove one that would not pass. At that point my urologist did a urine study and found a high citric acid level. He said that driking lots of lemonade made with real lemon juice would help to keep the stones at bay. That was 9 years ago and I've only had a couple of stones since then. Prior to this I was having them at least once a year.So drink lots of lemonade. I go through about a quart of lemon juice a week.Susan


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