Mother’s Day Monday

Yesterday, as per our tradition, my family took me out to a nice lunch at Macaroni Grill.  We brought a single friend along since we like to adopt “orphan” children on Mother’s Day.  She was excellent help as the waitstaff and kitchen were slow, my food was cold, the bill was wrong, and on and on.

It was a great perspective adjustment for me because just a few years ago, we probably would have had to throw in the towel and leave the restaurant for fear of multiple children melting down.  This time we just asked for more bread and more Dr. Pepper, and the kids hung in there for a good long time.

Granted, by the end of the meal, Maddie was rocking back in her chair, saying to herself, “I want to go HOME.  I want to go HOME.”  But she is the littlest ( just “fwee”) and she still made it.

So my Mother’s Day gift to all of you struggling through the little years is to tell you that it gets much easier to do this sort of thing with lots of kids.  You will make it.

The trouble is, by the time they are old enough to peacefully sit through a meal, they’re eating a lot more and you have to pay for it!  😀

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  1. Kelly Keller

    Thanks! I did! It looks like you did as well, Grandma! It was great to see all the McClellans together 🙂


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