School at our House: Back to Tapestry

We just finished our fifth year of homeschool!  I can hardly believe it.  Since it’s been a while since I’ve updated you on curriculum choices and the like, I thought I’d spend some time on that this week.  It is my fifth (or sixth, if you’re picky) year of doing this, and I’m encountering new challenges every year.

Let’s start with a major curriculum shift.  This past summer I made the decision to go back to Tapestry of Grace with the family.  I started with Tapestry four years ago when Cameron was in first grade (here is an old post with some pictures of our first year!).  After a year, I decided that the pace was too fast with the little ones.  I turned to Ambleside Online to slow things down a bit, and the gentler pace suited us nicely.

There are two reasons why Ambleside slowed me down:  one, the Charlotte Mason approach to education is not quite so aggressive as classical in the early years — it focuses on developing a delight in learning rather than the drilling that goes on in the grammar stage of Classical Education.  Two, the history cycle — that marvelous thread tying everything together — is a six-year cycle rather than a four-year in classical.  There is a great deal more that can be said about the two different approaches, but let’s leave it at that for now.

Although I am hanging onto my Mason ideals, as Cameron is aging up towards middle school, I wanted to go back to Tapestry because of its comprehensive approach to curriculum planning for the whole family.  A year’s plan supplies great books, resources, discussion points, and ideas for every age level in my house (as well as high school), and it supplies background reading for me, as well.  This approach in planning is very helpful as I have four, and soon five, students in my school at various levels.

It’s been a good switch for us so far.  It was humbling to once again switch everything up, but nice to be back on familiar territory with Tapestry.

I’ll give you some more details about what everyone’s doing in future posts!

Please note, the above links, as well as the one in my sidebar, are affiliate links.  I’d be ever so grateful if you’d use them to purchase any Tapestry materials…you’d be helping me pay for school next year.  Thank you!

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  1. Kelly, I'm going to be using Tapestry next year to Keep us all together. The co-op I was in last year used ztapestry and there was much that I find helpful. I will be purchasing my year very soon and will be sure to use your affiliate link!


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