Hi Kelly,I wanted to email you directly but couldn't find a link to do that. Anyway I want to thank you for your comments about Teaching Textbooks. It came at a perfect time for us. There are so many curric choices and I can easily get bogged down and want to try the latest, greatest thing so I often go the opposite route and don't change at all.Math has always been hard for Daniel and easy for Sarah and we used Saxon since 1st grade. It was the 1 subject I didn't want to change curric in for fear they would end up with a huge learning gap. But Daniel was getting further and further behind and not understanding anything.Then I read your post on TT and checked them out. I was impressed so I asked Daniel to look at the info on the website as well. He was very enthusiastic about it. Long story short he went from low C's in Saxon, to A's in TT.Math is no longer a struggle and he doesn't dread it all day. In fact he usually does math early in the day since he no longer hates it!Thank you,Susan