David Sings Adele

I’m sorry, there is no video available at this time.

However, I will attempt to communicate this musical gem through the magic of vocabulary.

Adele is on the radio all the time here in Charlotte; is that true where you live?  “Someone Like You” plays all the time.  If our entire family happens to be in the car when Adele starts singing, here’s what happens:


I start singing along, quite terribly.  I can carry a tune but I am the antithesis of soulful.  I am as white as they come in the vocal department.  Maddie also sings along in her little mumbling three-year-old way.  We both close our eyes and bob our heads like we’re on stage at Royal Albert Hall.  Sometimes there are even hand motions.

The boys roll their eyes and put up with it, again.

David starts improvising his own lyrics when the bridge (“I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited…”) comes on.  They usually go something like this — though they are different every time because he is such a Masterful Singer/Songwriter:

I like to turn up at your house uninvited
‘Cause I’m a creepy stalker and I don’t care that you’re married
I follow you around and and it shouldn’t be surprising
That to you, I am so creeeeepyyyyyy….

Then it kind of descends into babbling on and on about how Adele has no respect for the institution of marriage and how mad the guy’s wife would be if she answered the door.  You know, typical heart-wrenching love song stuff.

So that pretty much ruins it, and Maddie and I start singing louder and louder to try to drown him out, until finally one of the boys interjects in good sense and asks if we can please change the radio station.

It’s all good fun.  I think Adele would approve.

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