For Scale

The amount, size, and gender of my children have necessitated that I begin cooking in vessels like this:

I can really get by with my normal pots if I’m just feeding our family.  But what’s the point of making a big batch of soup or chili if there’s none to put in the freezer?  Or what if we have people over and there’s not enough?

(the sink is just there for scale…this pot IS a sink.)

9 thoughts on “For Scale

  1. Reminds me of my pot that you oncesaid I could bathe a baby in … I don't use it so much anymore! I'm having to learn how to downsize my meal prep.


  2. Sometimes when I make a chili in a pot that big I rinse it fill it with soapy water and presoak/wash smaller items in it then finish the wash and rinse in the sink…. it's kinda like camping! And yes our growing family is eating a ton too recently… all that sun and being outside more increases our appetites!


  3. Yes, the new house has a better setup to wash this one. If all else fails, I have a utility sink in the laundry room I can use…or a hose outside ๐Ÿ™‚


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