Welcome to Donwell: The Befores

I named our new house.  I named it in my mind, anyway.  You probably think it’s pretentious, but I find it charming when people name their homes.  
“Donwell” is a Jane Austen reference; Donwell Abbey is the home of Mr. Knightley in Emma.  If you haven’t read it, you should go back and read our love story to find out why it’s so much like Emma and Mr. Knightley.  Donwell is an obvious allusion to Knightley’s doing things well in many aspects of his life.  
Anyway, when we finally found this place and bought it, I named it Donwell because if there’s one thing we want in our home, it’s to do things well for God’s glory.  But it’s Donwell in my head.  I don’t say things like, “Do pop in for a spot of tea at Donwell this afternoon,” or “You must come walk the gardens at Donwell.”
For that matter, I don’t say, “Possums drown at Donwell, poor saps.
So I’m going to introduce you to the new place this week.  You can see some before photos of the downstairs in my moving day post.  The dark wood trim was mostly primed before we moved in, and I’ve been painting it in fits and spurts since then.  
Upstairs, we have…
“tomato soup.”  That’s what I like to call this color. It morphs from pink to brown depending on the light.  Above we have the master bathroom, with original vanity, which cries out to me for replacement or at least a coat of paint.

See?  It kinda looks brown here, doesn’t it?  This is the master bedroom.  But it’s really just the BRIGHT cranberry carpet that makes the paint look brown — it’s the same color.

This is the hall bath.  I love that the kids have two sinks.  I also don’t dislike the color in here.  It’s nice.  The bathroom also has a separate area with toilet and shower with a door.  It feels appropriate when you think that five people are sharing it.

This room is on the third floor, which is really the attic.  The previous owners finished off a portion of the attic into a craft room.  We now have an extra bed in here.  I also just unpacked all my sewing stuff into this room this past Sunday.  I can’t wait to use it.

Here’s the room above the garage.  It’s our schoolroom now.  I’m so glad they put a skylight in…it really brightens the place up.  If you can’t tell, the paint is dark blue.  It makes me a little jumpy.  I need something brighter and calmer.

Down the hall from there is Maddie’s room.  This room feels HUGE right now because Maddie is sleeping in a toddler bed again since the move.  We really need to get her a twin bed.

And here’s where we’ve been eating most of our meals lately.

David thinks looking pensive is funny.

Look for more Welcome to Donwell posts this week!

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  1. Beautiful! It looks like it suits you well. The deck is gorgeous! I really like the dark blue walls in the schoolroom. I'm sorry it makes you jumpy. 🙂 May Donwell be a place for you to do things well for God's glory. Martha


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