Welcome to Donwell: Smart Kitchen

Part One of this series here.

This house has many of those details that real estate agents love to call “better than new.”  You know, those things that we would love to have but are probably too busy or too cheap to actually do.

Here are a few of these goodies…today we’ll cover the kitchen.

Ben loved to show this one to everyone the moment they came in the house during our first month:  THE SPICE CABINET.
Spices on the front

Swinging front shelf


I had achieved something like this at our old house using stuff from IKEA, but this one is built in:

A place for cookie sheets, cooling racks, etc.

 The silverware drawer has dividers, and it has two layers (this one slides back to reveal another underneath):

Why do we own so much silverware?

And when you open the pantry door, a light shines down on you from above.

Who ate all the cereal?

 Because of this little switch on the door:

So, nothing flashy, but things that make life in the space more pleasant.  This kitchen is far smaller than my old one, but it’s MUCH smarter.  I don’t feel squeezed at all.

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  1. Does the pantry light make a "AAHH" angelic singing sound when you open it? Because it did in my head.(And I think it's all the kitchen is missing.)


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