Welcome to Donwell: Other Smart Stuff

Part One of this series here.

Last time we covered smart stuff in the kitchen; today we’ll reach the rest of the house.  

This little thingy makes a door shut automatically.  It’s really nice to have on a powder room door that’s right next to the kitchen.

Here is a terrible picture of a wonderful feature in the living room:  floor outlets!  I get excited whenever I see these in a home.  We had extension cords running all around our old house, so this time it’s nice to have a smarter arrangement for our cords. 

Here’s the pergola over the back deck.  See that gray stuff on the right?  It’s black mesh fabric.  Why is it there, you ask?  It provides just enough shade for the people sitting on the deck, so that they don’t feel like they’re frying in the hot, direct sun.  I was doubtful about its effectiveness, but now that I’ve spent hours sitting under it, I can testify that it works wonderfully.  It’s such a great idea.

The former lady of the house was an avid gardener, and she saw to it that her plants got plenty of water.  On the deck, that means that we have a suspended irrigation system for hanging plants.  See the hose just to the right of the plant hanger above?  It provides drip irrigation, and there are seven more just like it strung across the deck.  SO SMART!

Here’s one we haven’t used yet, but come the winter, it will get used I’m sure.  This is a gas lighter for the wood-burning fireplace in our living room.

Lastly, there are skylights in two rooms.  Above, you see the schoolroom, which is the room over the garage.  Its location over the garage means that it has sloped ceilings and just one window.  The addition of this one skylight makes a huge difference in the brightness of the room.

And here are the two skylights in the kitchen.  The bars across them were used for hanging plants; we plan to take them down.

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