Brain Dump

Just some thoughts I felt the need to unload:

1.  When a kid is yelling at the top of his lungs from the deep end of the pool, “OH, I’M DYING!  I’M DYYYYYIIIIING!” it’s a pretty sure thing he’s not.

2.  So far I’ve learned that owning a pool means:  having a lost-and-found box; endlessly hanging up towels; and forgetting when it was the last time your kids actually showered.

3.  Jonathan is on the verge of really swimming.  We are very excited about this development, because it will bring us up to 80% proficiency.  Andrew decided that he was done being scared of deep water about two weeks after we opened the pool.  One afternoon he just jumped in and that was that.

4.  As usual on Father’s Day, I made a bunch of Mexican food and David watched the US Open whilst yelling at the television in a Scottish accent.  We are nothing if not multicultural.

5.  Before the golf yelling started, David and I both went in the pool and then laid on towels in the sunshine.  I don’t think we’ve done that since our honeymoon.  It was weird.

6.  I’ve been really loving Sara Groves‘ newest offering, Invisible Empires.  Here is one selection from the album which Sara wrote for IJM.  On the album, it begins with an inner-city youth choir singing the original  “Eyes on the Prize.”

2 thoughts on “Brain Dump

  1. Glad you're enjoying your pool. And yes, you will accumulate towels and bathing suits and despite asking everyone who's ever come over to your house if it is their's, you will never find the owner.Your house is smart. Is there a good place for pool towels?


  2. Sadly, no. The best solution I have found (besides the deck railings, of course) is my giant IKEA drying rack. I've been hunting on Pinterest for an interesting built-in solution.


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