Things I Tell Myself: A Sense of Place

My bedroom is always the last one to get cleaned.  The garage usually gets attention before my bedroom does.  Is that true at your house?

Problem is, I have a desk in the bedroom where I love to sit and blog, have my quiet time, write notes, plan for school…anything appropriate for the space.  And it’s the first thing to get buried every.single.time.
The sense of place is so powerful for me that if my place is buried, my routines and my habits go with it.  I let the quiet time in the morning slide because I don’t want to root through the piles on the desk.  I look at the mess with a feeling of foreboding.
The thing is, the kindest thing I could do for myself and my family would be to clear it off, make a place, and soak up the joy that comes with a little space.  But I always think I’m being kinder by addressing the kids’ spaces.  Yes, that is kind, too.  But teaching them to address their own spaces is the most kind thing I could do in the end.  And the time in my space makes me more capable to do that teaching.
Even if you can’t make a space in your house, make a basket.  Make a corner.  Something to set a habit, a routine, that makes some time to yourself a joy.
(this post written for you from my newly cleared-off, again, desk)

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  1. Beth

    Amen to that! So important to have a space. I'm loving having a whole room now, but it is more area to get messy!


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