Scene:  Older two boys completing their writing assignment.  They are learning to insert dialogue into their paragraphs this week, so we do a little role-playing to help them dream up dialogue.  What might Pope Gregory say to Augustine of Canterbury to ask him to go to England to increase the spread of Christianity?

Ben (for our purposes, the Pope):  Augustine, you must go to England.
Cameron (or, Augustine):  Why?
Pope:  To spread Christianity to the barbarians!
Augustine:  But they are rude!
Pope:  (blank stare)

At this point, Mom jump-starts things by saying, “you’re right, probably at that point, the Pope said, never mind, you don’t have to go.”

Pope, trying again:  You may take forty monks with you.
Augustine:  May I take weaponry?
Pope, giggling:  No!
Augustine:  May I throw rocks at them?

…aaaaannnnndd, scene.

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