And Now, Some Frivolous Questions

Does it really make a difference that I use undereye cream? Am I going to notice a difference when I’m seventy, or would that time have been better spent going to bed two minutes earlier?

When will my four year old daughter stop talking like she is two?  We spent so much time on speaking properly, and now she has scrapped it all and started baby talk again.  Yucko.

Why is fall so AWESOME?!!  (nevermind, that is not frivolous.  It’s because IT IS AWESOME.)

What is it about those little “pods” of laundry detergent that makes doing laundry somehow more accessible to my kids?  (For you faithful readers, we have taken a break from this stuff, and I might not go back.  The clothes started to stink, and no amount of Oxy was helping)

Does anyone know when season three of Downton Abbey airs over here across the pond?  I have a few Brits in my twitter stream and they’re torturing me with the Downton tweets.

Not a question:  Fall is awesome in the South for the same reason that spring is awesome in the Northeast.  It’s because you have experienced the same weather pattern for SO LONG that the relief causes you to completely lose your head in jubilation.

In conclusion:

College students in Boston sunbathing in 50 degrees

is equivalent to

Southern women wearing tall leather boots and scarves in 70 degrees

2 Responses to “And Now, Some Frivolous Questions”

  1. Jennie

    We had to ditch the homemade laundry stuff too. Same reason. 😦 As much as I hate to use chemicals, I have to confess: I do like, scratch that, I LOVE the way /tide with Febreeze smells! Especially in comparison to the irremovable stench arising from the clothes laundered in my chemical free detergent!


  2. Unknown

    "Does anyone know when season three of Downton Abbey airs over here across the pond?" — Sadly, we must wait until January!! I liked them on Facebook so now I am taunted by their updates. Alas, us poor colonists are doomed to wait these many months in eager anticipation. However, if you can make your computer appear to be in the UK, I understand you can watch the episodes online on the BBC website after they air in the UK. I don't know how to do this and, thus far, I have not been desparate enough to learn. I can't say that I will last until January without trying it though!And a hearty amen to the awesomeness of Fall!!!Martha


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