I loved this at Simple Homeschool:  On Raising Little Women (or men): What We Can Learn From Marmee

My friend Helena’s article at the Rabbit Room is really wonderful. I’d like to tattoo it to my brain and never forget it: A Slave in my Own Kingdom

If you haven’t decided on a team to support tomorrow, why not pick the Broncos? Then we can see this happen: Jersey native Mike Adams says he’ll walk home in uniform if Broncos win

David and I are huge Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee fans. Have you watched this web series with Jerry Seinfeld?


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  1. hahollander

    Oh my goodness, I loved the “Raising Little Women” post! I am starting to see some not so desirable traits in my girl that she has, without doubt, picked up from me. This was oh so good for me to read. Thanks for sharing!


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