A Last Time for Everything

Today we will go to a memorial service. The same church that has housed laughter and shouts from my children and their friends for six years will play a part in saying goodbye to one of them.

So today this song will be on repeat at our house, as it has been on my ipod most of the week.

Ben introduces this song by saying that as believers in Jesus, we believe that He will make all things new. What that reality means is that someday — maybe today — there will be a last funeral. No one will know it. The mourners will gather with tears and remembrances, flowers will be arranged, songs will be sung…and then death’s reign will be ushered out of this earthly realm for good.

It will be undignified, because death has been defeated. No one will grieve its passing.

You have to look death in the eye–
In the eye!
You need to see what’s hidden there:
You need to see that he’s afraid to die.

But you my love,
You’re gonna wake up soon
In your lonely room
To the sound of a singing bird

And throw the curtain back
To find your bag’s already packed
And the cab is at the curb.

And, like a bad dream–
Unreal in the morning light–
So will the world seem
When you see it in the mirror for the last time.

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