Linkage 7.19.14

Goodness, I love a rainy Saturday morning. The coffee is brewing, most of my people are working on a NYC puzzle, and I’m about to turn on NPR.

Here are some goodies I enjoyed recently:

3 Lessons From An Early-Life Stroke:  We just saw Andrew in April at T4G. He is 33 and recently had a stroke.

School Starting Age: the Evidence:  When friends ask me about their preschoolers, I usually respond that the countries in the world with the highest literacy rates begin reading instruction much, much, later than the US. This is more evidence along those lines.

Tim Howard Could Save: Hilarious meme born out of the final match for the US Men’s Soccer team.

Yes, I Do Want to be Friends With My Kids: My friend Sam has a helpful corrective here.


Lego Mom

And lastly, here is my favorite LEGO creation of the week. It’s me. I am sitting at our coffee table, coffee and phone in hand, and my Bible and study book are in front of me. I’m choosing to appreciate it rather than be wildly convicted that I’m holding the phone and the Bible is closed. 

Have a great weekend!

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