Linkage 9.20.14

OK, this is my first linkage post in a while, so hang on. We’ve got a lot to get to.

Imagining the Path of Christian Exile: “They gave me two choices, leave or die. And you, too, are changed for having to quietly watch me go, or die yourselves. It is not how old neighbors should part.”

A Hail: If you’ve ever read A Severe Mercy, don’t miss this tribute to Davy VanAuken by Lanier Ivester.

A Helpful Guide to Becoming Un-Busy: “Stop the glorification of busy.” The Becoming Minimalist blog has been a favorite stop of mine recently.

Benjamin Dillow Should Not Have Died: “Despite the fact Ben had been legally adopted, and his parents had secured his passport, and a US orphan visa issued by our Embassy, the Dillows could not get an exit letter from the DRC government to bring him home.”

When we were watching World Cup Soccer this year, this commercial found a place in my heart. The music is “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms.”


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