What Susan Said

Last night David and I were sitting in the dark living room, exhausted, talking about our day, and I mentioned that I’d seen the set list for The Local Show’s Rich Mullins birthday tribute show.


We talked through some of the songs and realized that some were unfamiliar to him. He didn’t have the album that they were on…so many years ago.

It was then that I had the unique experience of introducing my husband to a twenty-plus-year-old “new” song, one that I wore out on my cassette of Rich’s The World As Best As I Can Remember It, Volume 2.

But I remember what Susan said
How love is found in the things we’ve given up
More than in the things that we have kept

And he said, “That’s the first time I’ve ever heard that song, and I’m hooked.”

I wonder what Rich would be writing now if he was still here.

(This seems like a good time to put in a plug for one of my favorites, Andrew, who is releasing a greatest hits album. There are some new songs on there, too.)

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