Here’s a bunch of super awesome rabbity goodness for your weekend. When I say “rabbity,” I mean folks who reside in and around the Rabbit Room site.

And you know what? Just as soon as I went to see what was in my folder for this week, I noticed a theme. See if you can pick it out. Perhaps the Lord desires me to hear this one more time?

An Antidote to Busyness — Sarah Clarkson writes about purposefully pursuing a little more quiet, and suggests that maybe God made seasons to teach us something. Imagine that!

And God Rested — the lovely Helena wrote this a little while ago, but it’s worth revisiting. “He was not fatigued. His creativity had not run dry. There was no shortage of resources. And yet, God looked at all He had done and said that it was “very good.” And He sat down and rested.”

A Month by the Sea: Creating Silence — I want to write like Lanier Ivester when I grow up. This is just beautiful.

Now, everyone go be quiet and take a nap or something.

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