Podcast Week: Christian Thought and Humor

Podcasts have been a regular part of my life since before my daughter was born. I listen to them while I work out, in the van, when I’m cleaning, and anytime I have a minute. Music still gets high priority around here, but podcasts are a close second. I am dedicating this week to the podcasts I listen to. If you have some that you love, please chime in with a comment or two!

You can find day one here: For Starters

Day two: NPR and its relatives

Day three: Notable Women

Today I’m covering podcasts that fall in the category of Christian thought and humor. There is some overlap between categories; I would definitely put some of my “notable women” in this category also, but alas, we cannot have perfect categorization.

Authors on the Line is a podcast put out by Desiring God ministries that covers news topics and new books. This is one that I don’t usually listen to unless I’ve had my second cup of coffee.

If you know me at all, you know I’m listening regularly to sermons from Capitol Hill Baptist Church and Redeemer Presbyterian Church. These two ministries, from Washington DC and New York City respectively, have probably done more in the last decade to influence my thoughts on the Christian life than any others.

The Happy Rant is a relatively new podcast with hosts Stephen Altrogge, Barnabas Piper, and Ted Kluck. These guys get together about once a week to talk about news, sports, trends in the church, books, and anything else. Warning: one of them says “dude” frequently, and they are wildly sarcastic.

I’m thinking about making The Phil Vischer Podcast required listening for my high school students (when our kids reach that age). Phil (yes, the same guy from VeggieTales) is insightful and takes apart a news article critically better than most people I know. Another warning: this podcast starts off with a theme song on the ukulele. Power through it.

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