Glory Seen and Unseen

My day today will look very similar to this one five years ago — no baby who needs a nap anymore, though. Today she’ll help set the table. I pray you’re finding moments of sacred this Holy Week.

Kelly Keller

I enter the van post-shopping trip, nerves frayed and patience gone. There was too much touching in the store, not enough listening and obeying. A young woman greeted me in the aisle and counted aloud, and then informed me that she wasn’t surprised that there were two bottles of wine in the cart.

As we click our safety belts and settle in for the ten minute ride home, a request comes from the backseat for “a popular CD.” OK, I think…rustling through the mismatched CDs and their cases, in search of something to satisfy the various musical tastes.

Found it. It’s Holy Week. Time for a weeklong reprieve in the storage of Behold the Lamb of God.

As we back out of the parking space, Andrew reads to us of The Story, of a young hero coming to rescue the one that He loves. The children fall silent, awaiting…

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