Welcome reader.  This blog is the brainchild of a woman named KellKell, who through a very fortunate marriage gained a name that is almost identical, first and last:  Kelly Keller.  Since she was working with high school students at the time, she quickly gained the identity of “KellKell,” a moniker which has stuck with her through five children, two cross-country moves, and countless adventures.

KellKell likes:
great books (Austen, Lewis, and Tolkein are particular favorites)
good theology (you’ll see this in the category “great quotes,” mostly)
folk music (those folks who hang out in the Rabbit Room are pretty decent)
cooking and baking
sports (baseball is a favorite to watch live)
Boston, San Francisco, and NYC
sarcasm (the funny kind, not the mean kind)
taking pretty pictures (still learning)
coffee (although I have decaffeinated myself through many years of childbearing)
overusing parentheses

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